Out behind the tent housing Raphael's Talent Search and Having just finished a performance of “Good Golly Miss Molly” from “Dance Works Too” are (Left to right) Sarah, Rianna , Natalie , and Makayla
Taking a ride on Virginia the Bactrian (two-humped) Camel (20) is Alexa Tabaseo (13) from Marlboro, NY who now considers herself a camel junkie after having ridden a camel twice in her life. Virginia the camel is a people junkie who was bottle raised and is very friendly (for a camel.) Rides on one of the four camels here are a reasonable $5 and are provided by R.W. Commerford and Sons petting zoo, a 45 year old family business From Goshen, Ct.
This comes out of the camel
The one hundred and sixty third Dutchess county fair kicked off Tuesday with a large crowd and low prices. General admission is $12 with kids under 12 getting in free, and advance (online) tickets $9. Almost all of the shows are free including a puppet parade, pig races, petting zoo, and poultry show, to name just the P’s. Many of the shows and food vendors are family business going back more than half a century. Rosaire’s racing pigs is one of those show business dynasties. Wayne Rosaire is originally from England and was invited to the United States with his family in the seventies to perform at the (then) new M.G.M. Grand hotel in Las Vegas. He and his family go back seven generations in theatre and were entertaining in Europe before WWII. Wayne is often invited to perform with his pigs at giant private parties and grand openings. The pigs race around the track to get cookies which they like better than the healthier pig feed they usually get.
Richardson Root Beer is a family business that has been operated every year except two since 1937. One year during the Second World War, and once in 1983 while the antique truck and dispensing equipment underwent a complete restoration. Gail Simons is the child of the former operators and grew up with the 1937 Ford truck/concession stand. She, along with her husband Grant and her son Geof Simons serve old fashioned root beer from equipment originally built in the 1920’s by the Richardson Foods co. of Rochester NY. Son, Geof also runs a camera shop in North Carolina while Gail and Grant spend their downtime in Lake City Florida.


high diving while on fire. smoking can be fun.